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Our team of experts pick the quality parts and feed into your line assembly process to produce quality products.

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We understood manufacturing processes in and out ,we build our team to serve you in bringing quality parts and products at every stage of your process.

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Vibinyo services cater in the parts inspection in electronics manufacturing industry . Our team of inspectors are experts in technical and visual inspections to feed quality parts into your production process. We have 3000 square foot electronics repairing space equipped with highly skilled electronics repair team.


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How we do it

Our Process


Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)

Process begins and helps to assess the quantity and quality of the raw materials and components and whether they conform to the relevant product specifications


During Production Inspection (DPI)

During production inspection also known as DUPRO, is a quality control inspection conducted while production is underway.


Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment inspections are an important step in the quality control process and the method for checking the quality of goods before they are shipped


Container loading/unloading supervision (LS)

Container loading and unloading inspections ensure your products are loaded and unloaded correctly

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Pre Production Inspection

During Production Inspection

Repair Service

Full Inspection

PM Production Inspection

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